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Replace the Grim Reaper with the sassy Time Lady Missy, become a "Half-Upgraded Ghost" and convert other Sims. You can also "delete" Sims. With the Emotional Control Skill your half-upgraded Sim can implant an Emotional Inhibitor on normal Sims and suppress/modify emotions. With the new object "Nethersphere" you can communicate with victims of Missys evil plan.

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  • Missy as Grim Reaper

    Missy is a ime Lady also known as the Master or Harold Saxon. She created the Nethersphere, so she can control Sims after death. If a Sim dies, he enters "heaven" and is being converted to a Cyberman. So Missy plays the main role when it comes to rule over he world...or the death. You can try to interact with her, but she can be very sassy.


    The old one was a bit boring, wasn't he? His dialogs were quite ok, but Missys are a lot better. I mean - it's Missy! She is funny. She is sassy. She is the perfect mistress of death!

  • The Nethersphere

    The Nethersphere (also known as "Heaven" or "The Promised Land") is a gallifreyan device, build by Time Lords (Missy) to capture dead people and convert them into Cyberman. There are two buttons which can be pushed. But be careful....unless you want to be converted.

  • New Death + Cyberman Ghost

    Half Upgraded Cybermen are dead Sims, who had failed their full upgrade to a Sim

    2.0 (currently, there are no real Cybermen available). They are like normal ghosts with normal emotions, since they are not fully upgraded.


    But from time to time, their Emotional Inhibitor Chip activates and they become emotionless. In this state there are only a few interactions they can perform. But they have only the need to sleep and keep themselves clean. So interactions like eating or doing fun stuff are irrelevant to them. Moreover, their skill gain is increased tremendously.


    These ghosts can give other Sims electric shocks (not directly deadly}, delete (dies of failed Upgrade) and convert (immediately turns into ghost) them. A ghost with a failed Upgrade is created by pushing the red button on the Nethersphere or by being deleted by another Half-Cyberman-Ghos.

  • Emotional Inhibitor Chip

    A ghost with a failed upgrade can implant an Emotional Inhibitor Chip into normal Sims, so they can also live an emotionless life without pain. They can either offer such procedure or be asked to do so. But not every Sim is so foolish to accept this curse.


    If a chip is freshly implanted, the Sim will have many mental breakdowns until he gets a neutral-buff (more frequently than ghosts) and restricted interaction options. In order to suppress the chip, your Sim must raise the skill "Emotional Control".

  • Emotional Control Skill

    Sims with an Emotional Inhibitor Chip will find themselves with many restrictions. Without emotions a Sim is not willing to make jokes. Once such a victim has discovered a way to suppress the chip (by clicking on your Sim and examining it), a new skill is added.


    Help your Sim to control his emotionlessness and improve his control accuracy by meditating.

  • Emotional Meditation

    In order to control their emotions and resist the Emotional Inhibitor Chip, those Sims must learn some techniques to affect their own mind, which will drain their energy a lot. But with the Chip activated, this should not be a problem.


    There is a basic "Mindfulness’"-meditation for a more focused mind. But with higher levels your Sim will be able to perform various powerful meditations in order to achieve many states of mind.



    By activating their Chakra, Sims can focus on certain body parts and thus affect their wellbeing and partly their needs.


    Affecting Environment

    With some of them your Sim can spread loving kindness (only when in a bad mood) or bad aura while increasing the mischief skill (only when in a bad mood, evil or mean). Experienced Sims can also make their plants take care of themselves and summon seeds from time to time.


    Emotional Suppression

    With this your Sim will be able to suppress (and reactivate) specific bad moods any time.


    Emotional Redirection

    Instead of just resisting the Inhibitor Chip, Sims can redirect its very powerful effects to other emotions. But there will still be restricted interactions based on the mood.


    • Energized: Needs no energy and hygiene; boosts physical skills (more success); faster cleaning; gets faster hungry
    • Inspired: Needs no energy and has no hunger; boosts creative skills; faster crafting and reading; gets faster lonely
    • Confident: Needs no socializing and hygiene; boosts social skills (more success and faster relationship gain); faster repairing; gets faster tired
    • Focused: Needs no fun and enegry; boosts mental skills; faster reading and repairing, gets faster hungry


  • Languages

    • English
    • German
    • Chinese - partly (translation by Danny)

Technical Information

This mod replaces every single file related to the Grim Reaper, ghosts and death.

I want to include real Cybermen, but I do not know how to assign bones to a full body suit. If you have an idea or you want to help, please contact me.

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