The old one was a bit boring, wasn't he? His dialogues were quite ok, but Missys are a lot better. I mean - it's Missy! She is funny. She is sassy. She is the perfect misstres of death!


  • Grim Reaper replaced with Missy (Time Lady)


To bring Missy and the new type of ghost alive I added some new interactions. Just download this mod and figure them out (some interactions have a different outcome depending on mood/trait)!



  • English
  • German
  • Chinese
    (translation by Danny)


Known Issues:

  • sometimes Missy appears fat or with weird accessoires
  • can conflict with other mods (bugs)



+ major bug fixes:

  • Missy will no longer standing in a T-pose idling when a Sim dies
  • Missy will now look like Missy again and not like a random generated townie
  • all interactions are working again

+ chinese translation added




Special thanks to Birgid for her birksche's 50s hair, which I used for Missy's appearence. Thank you so much! :)

Thanks to Danny for the chinese translation. Very cool!



The Nethersphere is a Gallifreyan hard drive. Inside the hard drive is a world - or as Missy would say: The Promised Land. Try observing it! You will not regret it! Maybe you will be part of that world.


A Sim can now die from a failed Upgrade. In the Nethersphere Missy upgrades every dead Sim to a Cyberman. If a dead Sim can't be converted to Sim 2.0 he will appear as a ghost. These ghost can give other Sims electric shocks.


  • new death: "Failed Upgrade"
  • cause: dying from playing with the Nethersphere (Sim dies from electrocution; but his ghost fails an Upgrade to a Cyberman)
  • special interaction (mean): "Upgrade-Shock"
  • ghosts visit: study the Nethersphere and a ghost from the Nethersphere will appear

Download now "Doctor Who Missy Reaper"