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  • Get a TARDIS

    First of all, you need to obtain a TARDIS. Use a telescope and select the interaction "Track Unknown Flying Object". If you are lucky, your Sim tracks a TARDIS. He will then receive a phonecall from the police box. Pick up the phone and the TARDIS will track your coordinates. You have to wait some days to track a TARDIS again, after you have already obtained one.


    In order to "tame" a TARDIS you need to explore it and have a very good relationship (90%) with it. For this you can choose between various social interactions (animation are only shown with "City Living" by now). After that it is possible to become an owner and give your ship a name.

  • TARDIS Needs

    You need to refuel the TARDIS from time to time. You can either travel to the dangerous Cardiff-Rift (Level 2) or by using the Eye of Harmony (Level 7). If the TARDIS has no power, it`ll jettison random one room in order to gain energy.


    The Dematerialization Circuit is necessary to travel through time and space. It will break eventually when you travel a lot, so it requires maintenance. So does the Relativity Differentiator, which is vital for space travelling. Cleaning the TARDIS from time to time is also important, unless you want your Sim to live a messy lifestyle. To keep track of the TARDIS needs, you can run diagnostics in the control room. The TARDIS Voice Interface could be a great help when it comes to understanding the complex TARDIS diagnostic.

  • TARDIS Engineering Skill

    With this skill you will be able to travel through time and space. You will learn slowly more about the TARDIS and finally unleash its full potential. Maybe you will fix the Chameleon Circuit or build new rooms? You can level up by reading the manual or travelling through time and space.

  • Rooms

    There are rooms like a pool or kitchen,  you can construct, if you have a high level of TARDIS Engineering. In the kitchen is a Food Generator. Would you like a Jelly Baby? Try fishfingers with custard! You can also try on outfits, go for a swim and sleep (be aware of bad dreams). It is also possible to store things inside the TARDIS. You can also costumize the lights.

  • Adventures

    Depending on your skill, you will be able to travel through time and space. But remember: The TARDIS has a free will. Don't expect accuarcy. You can visit all lots (including hidden lots) and travel through space and time (rabbit holes), where you decide what to do! But if you want to visit other lots, you need to learn how to pilot the ship.


    Space Adventure

    Visit new constellations and planets - but in the present time. That's fun too!

    (3 short, 1 long adventure)



    Past Adventure

    Travel through time and enjoy your journey the old-fashioned way.

    (2 long adventures)


    Future Adventure

    Or do you prefer seeing new things in the future?

    (1 short, 1 long adventure)


  • NPC

    For more help you can activate the TARDIS Voice Interface (Level 3). And when you reach a high level you will see a well-known face of a clever girl who will bake you some Soufflés.


    Bug alert! Please don't invite one of these new NPCs and don't use the "summon" or "activate" option, if one of these NPCs are already on the lot!

  • Dying TARDIS

    If the owner dies and the TARDIS finds it out (by telling him), it begins to mourn. If another Sim has a high relationship with the TARDIS, ownership can be transfered. Otherwise, the TARDIS will fly into a Supernova due to his owners death. Ships have feelings too.

Time Lord Victorious

Supporters on Patreon who have decided to pay more than others without any more benefits get access to an exclusive loading screen with a blue spinning TARDIS plumbob.

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  • Patreon Mod Guide

  • Gallifrey

    You can travel with your TARDIS to Gallifrey (rabbit hole), after your Sim found the planets location in space and time. First your Sim will have an adventure (confident mood and high charisma skill is recommended) and eventually retrieve an ancient Gallifreyan book. In order to read it, he must buy a dictionary inside the TARDIS library and learn the Gallifreyan skill (hidden). You only need level 3 in order to read the ancient book. But with a higher skill your Sim reads faster. After successfully reading the book, you can now visit Gallifrey.

    • The Capitol
      Inside the Citadel you can visit the repair shop to buy spare parts, have some TARDIS advice and fill up the ship. There is also a drugstore with the popular freeze-dried-pill, various cups of tea, fruits and three medicine bottles (against pain, itch and nausea). As a doctor you can get a discount at the drugstore. Stay at the Citadel Resort and enjoy the luxury.
    • Arcadia
      In Arcadia you can visit the book shop and stay at Antique Arcadian Inn and marvel at Gallifreyan art.
    • Time Lord Academy
      Here is a construction side. By now it is only possible to take various skill classes there.
    • Drylands
      Take photos of the alien flora, examine plants and enjoy the nature. You can also look for frogs and spend the cold night inside a barn.
  • Hidden Skills

    Alien Food

    This skill affects the way your Sims stomache reacts to alien food. With level 5 your Sim is able to eat freeze-dried pills to fill up his hunger and he won't get overmedicated from an overdose (of Gallifreyan medication and tea) so fast.


    You need to learn reading Gallifreyan in oder to read ancient Gallifreyan books and thus for finding the planet. After constructing a library inside your TARDIS, you need to buy a dictionary for this skill.

  • Exclusive Rooms

    The Library

    You can buy rare Time Lord Literature from the Arcadia Library on Gallifrey and enjoy 7 very special books (there will be more). The Fairy Tales provide you temporarily with new social interactions related to the ancient Time Lord stories and some buffs. How about scaring people with the Weeping Angels? You can also rummage through the bookshelves for treasures (which is mood related) and sort books to improve your Sims logic skill.


    Room Zero (Special hidden room)

    This room only opens for certain occasions. Sick and poisened time travellers can heal up there, which will take a long time. Sims with neurological problems (electrocution, brainburn, low alien brain power, overcharged spellcasters) can rest inside the Zero Room too. This room is available from the start and smells like roses.

  • Change Interior

    From Classic White to Jovial Copper

    Tired of only one single interior design? Now you can change the appearance of the main console room. As you gain the TARDIS Engineering skill you unlock more and more possibilities to redecorate. There are 9 different interior designs available.


  • More Social Interactions

    Share your Life with your TARDIS

    Talk about your birthday, pregnancy or your promotion with your TARDIS! There are not only good things you can talk about. Complain about dry scales when you are a mermaid or discuss negative experiences as a famous Sim. These interactions are not always available. Just maintain your normal life and find out on your own. ;)


Technical Information

The only resource this mod replaces is "interactions.utils.adventure"

(key: 03B33DDF-00000000-C11899C371C041F5).

Any other mod replacing this tuning will conflict (I don't know any other mod). I will update this mod every time this resource is changed by EA.

Yes, it is an actual TARDIS. Travel on lots and through time and space. Be nice to your TARDIS, refuel it from time to time and maintain a solid relationship. Raise your TARDIS Engineering Skill to unlock more possibilities with your ship. Construct more rooms, costumize lights and even the Chameleon Circuit (Level 10).

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